James Gyviviere (gee - viv - ere), Very elegant, luxurious, quality clothing - taking fashion to another level.

This brand is built and created in memory of (James) and (Gary) Roberts. Why James Gyviviere? James is my grandfather who passed from cancer. Gyviviere means Gary lives. Gary is my big brother who was murdered in 2010. Gy(Gary) Viv(live) Iere(denotes the name Gary). 

The logo is a tiger face on top of the flower of life and around it contains a circle with trickles around it with an outer circle holding the entire logo together.

Like the name James Gyviviere the logo also has meanings. The tiger - came to me in many dreams. It symbolizes persistence, patience, and strength. The flower of life - represents continuing creation such as giving birth. The trickles - three swirls that represent past, present, and future. In my past I dreamed of creating and selling clothes. Present, I am the proud owner of a clothing line. Future, to hear people I don't know talking about the great quality and creativity of Gyviviere and to see them wearing the brand. Last but not least, the circles represent unity holding everything together. 

Gary Roberts
Gyviviere Logo